Who we are

We are a new, fast developing international company based in the UK and we work with a number of partners all around Europe. All company members have been involved in professional sport, played Water Polo or swam at national and international levels, which has helped us in recognising and meeting costumer needs.

What we offer

High quality sports wear and equipment: Our company´s aim is to assist coaches, players and team managers by offering all the equipment that you need for a successful Water Polo or Swimming Team as we know that sometimes it is hard to find high quality, specialised equipment at affordable prices. Our prices are extremely competitive and we will always offer you the best price for your team.
Sporting camps and tours: We organise sporting camps and tours in a number of European countries. You can expect top class sporting facilities, indoor and outdoor Olympic pools playing with equal standard local teams and top professional coaches. Whether you are a school, college, university, sports club or professional team we can design the sport tour to meet your needs.

Get in Touch

We are always looking to expand the range of merchandise and sporting events and destinations we have on offer.
If you are organising an international or national tournament for any level (from Juniors to Masters, Men´s and Women´s teams), please send us your tournament plans and we will advertise all the details on our website.
So if you would like to order something, need advice or you have a question about our services please don´t hesitate to contact us by e-mail: office@waterpolo-market.com or telephone